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The Gospel of Judas....

Now this is interesting....

The Gospel of Judas to be Revealed (BBC News Online; Friday 7th April 2006)

Although it does cover some areas that I thought were already discussed as possibilities (such as Jesus asking Judas to betray him to free him from his mortal body...).

Be interested in seeing the full text anyhow.


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Apr. 7th, 2006 08:42 am (UTC)
It's been simmering for years this one.
Some books already on the subject...


The idea is indeed old- Judas being the most beloved disciple, not the grand betrayer.
certainly looking closely at the Gospels we have some odd views of Judas.
It does look like later edited was done to make him out to be a bad guy.
Odd things about Judas:
*Judas Iscariot- his surname makes no sense. It's a slight misspelling of a aramacic phrase/word. Change the letters correctly and you get 'Judas the Dagger Man'/'Judas who holds the dagger'.
*'Dagger Man' however is NOT a term without context. It was the term given to the ultra-fanatical group of the ultra-fanatical Zealots. If the Zealots were seen by Rome as the Al-Queida of their day (30 years after Christ died, they rose up, killed every single Roman they could find and tried to go indepedant from Rome- only to be crushed), then consider 'The Dagger Men' to be the HARD-CORE Zealots- assassins. This is why they were called 'dagger men'. They got in close, and personal, and killed their foes.

We know Jesus hung around with people the Romans would have called 'terrorists'. Simon 'The Zealot' was one of his core 12 disciples. Anyone with that title is someone who has joined an ultra-Jewish scet dedicated to the destruction of all influence of 'kittim' (Aramaic term for barbarians- non-Jews).
Some time previous to Jesus the Jewish state was ruled by Hellanized Jews as part of the Selucid Empire (an offshoot of Alexander's great conquest).
In the north a bunch of fanatical Jews, led by the Maccabee family rose up and basically slaughtered everyone who had compromised their Jewish values- the name of this revolutionary army was 'the Zealots'.
Years later Rome and the arabs (under the Herodian family) occupied Isreal. The Zealots were reborn- same aims, same intentions- the violent destruction/murder of all things Roman.
*Judas as a member of the 'Iscari' (the dagger men) would probably have had to begin life in the normal Zealots and then prove himself in order to be elevated to this elite group.
*Judas therefore would have had to have been an experienced freedom fighter, probably some kind of leader within their ranks.
*We know that Jesus and his followers accorded Judas serious respect. He was in charge of the groups entire logistic budget and probably the entire financial network of Christ's followers (careful reading illustrates that before he died, jesus has three seperate centres of followers- one group in the ultra-Naionalistic Galilee (under the rule of the Herodians); another in the area around east Jerusalem (under Roman occupation) and perhaps a third inbetween, which was mostly populated by Samaritians.
*Judas therefore was arguably one of the most important disciples.

*As for reason why Judas betrayed Jesus?
The Gospels say it was for silver.
The Last Temptation of Christ uses a very popular theory- that Judas betrayed Jesus because Jesus betrayed 'the cause'. That rather than cause a revolution, jesus was after something else. Remember- Judas and Simon the Zealot would have been against the Temple authorities who collaborated with the secular powers, but mostly their fight was against those self-same secular powers (Rome and the Herodians).
Jesus focused almost entirely upon the collaborators- indeed the famous 'Give unto Caeser what belongs to Caeser' quote is really explosive- because it says 'I don't give a damn about the Romans'; much of Jesus message was directed at his own people, and indeed if you follow the Gospel according to John, Jesus is entirely focused on a campaign against the collaborators running the Temple in Jerusalem (for example he only really goes north to Galilee to avoid death threats).
*Betraying "the revolution" and being killed for it is a VERY common event when you mix extremists together (see Russian Revolution, Franch Revolution, Palestinian Uprising etc).

Apr. 7th, 2006 08:42 am (UTC)

*So we have the three reasons why Judas 'betrayed Jesus'.
1- Jesus asked him to/it was his duty (Gospel according to Judas explanation)
2- He was an evil git who wanted money (Gospels in the Bible version)
3- He felt betrayed by Jesus and his political stance on the Romans (contexulaisation of core documents excplanation).

*It is worth noting that Judas may well have been murdered. The Bible says he hung himself, but also goes on about his 'entrails bursting open'. Some have ascribed this to the fact that during death by strangulation, your bladder/bowels open.
Others have pointed out that the language suggests his actual entrails were on the ground... putting a rope around your neck does not cause your guts to rip open and fall out onto the ground.
Someone sticking a knife into your belly and reaching in and pulling them out as you hang with your arms tied, leaving you to die a VERY painful, agonizing death DOES do that however.
Given that Acts shows Peter murderering a husband and wife who were part of the early Christians but who were hording, some suggest Peter and maybe James and John (Christ's cousins) did it (look at their nicknames- 'The Rock' and 'The Sons of Thunder'- not the kinda of nicknames meek academics carry really).

Its fascinating stuff.
Apr. 7th, 2006 08:54 am (UTC)
The Armagedon Script: Prophecy In Action - Peter Lemesuier, top book, and yeah, quite an old subject...

Funny how a bit of success with 'bible code' books brings it all flooding out again... goes in cycles I suppose...

If you want a good read and an eye opener, the above book is well worth a squirt.

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