Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Meme) Wikipedia Meme.......baaa

I died during the night and have been reincarnated as a sheep. Thus I must follow the pack with the Wikipedia meme. Although I'm ignoring the official rules (I'm a rebel sheep me) and just listing down a few births, deaths and events that happened on my illustrous birthday without doing the 1, 2, 3 thing (or whatever the guidelines were).

Anyway, the people decided to have their birthdays with me:

1953 - Pierce Brosnan, Irish actor (James Bond, Remington Steel)
1971 - David Boreanaz, American actor (Angel)
1966 - Janet Jackson, American singer
1919 - Liberace, American pianist (d. 1987)
1905 - Henry Fonda, American actor (d. 1982)
1611 - Pope Innocent XI (d. 1689)
1964/5? - Mike Berry, Leisure Games head honcho (This always causes a discussion on who should have the day off/leave early as it's there birthday! :p)

The following forgot to buy me a birthday present and thus died on my birthday:

1990 - Sammy Davis, Jr., American singer, actor, and comedian (b. 1925)
1990 - Jim Henson, American puppeteer (b. 1936)
1957 - Eliot Ness, American federal agent (b. 1903) (he of Untouchables fame)

...and now some memorable dates that occured on my birthday. Obviously other peoples memorable occurences because let's face it, how would I remember what happens on my birthday?!?

1532 - Sir Thomas More resigns as Lord Chancellor of England.
1568 - Mary Queen of Scots flees to England.
1770 - 14-year old Marie Antoinette marries 15-year-old Louis-Auguste who later becomes king of France.
1836 - Edgar Allan Poe marries his 13-year-old cousin Virginia. (Seems to be a lot of underage weddings going on doesn't there...)
1918 - The Sedition Act is passed by the U.S. Congress, making criticism of the government a jailable offense.
1929 - In Hollywood, California, the first Academy Awards are handed out.
1943 - World War II: The Dambuster Raids by RAF 617 Squadron on German dams.
1972 - The new messiah is born unto the mortal world.....

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