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Almost, but not quite.....

I wouldn't exactly say that I'm bored and restless (I've had *way* too much work to do today to be bored!) but let's put it this way:

I was actually considering going to Slimelight for a bit earlier.

And those of you who know my feelings about Slimelight will understand my first sentence better.

Although saying that I probably *am* going to Slimes next Saturday as both voices of Masada and NFD are playing. Sin would have a go at me if I didn't go to see them and in anycase I want to seee both bands and it's an evening gig which means I can escape before Slimes actually gets into full motion. So I guess I'm not really going to Slimelight next week. I'm going to a gig at Slimelight and then coming home before the drug-fuelled antics, 'better than thou' attitudes and politics start.

Hmm....putting it that way why was I thinking of going tonight????

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