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(Gig) NFD, Voices of Masada, SubZero

Well I did mention earlier that I'd write a bit about the gig last night after I got back. Well I've been back for a few hours now but had to muck around on ogame (yes, I *had* too :p) and also watch the Doctor Who Season 2 Episode 1 repeat on BBC3 as I wasn't around last night.

So it was in early hours of the evening on Saturday 15th April that weaselbitch and myself ventured forth, still in daylight, to the place of Angels. Upon arriving we trod familiar paths of that hole in many a nights memories called "The Slimelight", there to be entertained by certain troubadours both familiar and unknown.....

First band of the night and the only one on the bill I'd not seen before so was quite interested to see what they were like. Especially as one of the members used to be in The Nefilim (apparently). I think they played the wrong gig though. SubZero can not - and certainly should not - label themselves as a 'goth' band. Actually I doubt they do label themselves 'goth' which does make me wonder why on Earth they were playing at The Slimelight as the opening band for two most definite Goth bands! I won't say SubZero were 'bad' and they weren't even the worst band I've seen this year. They were just 'out of place' and had a lead singer which - for no real reason apart from his attempted strutting about and constant twirling of his mike when he wasn't singer - annoyed me. Musically I guess you could say they fell somewhere between Guns & Roses and the heavier side of The Cult. Some of there songs did start off sounding a bit like some of the old Marionettes tracks but any sembalance then disappeared after the first opening riff or two. If the lead singer manages to get more stage presence I think they could do alright on the rock circuit but I hope they realise that 'rock' is what they are playing and go in that direction as the musicians of the band certainly had talent. Verdict: 4/10

Voices of Masada
Voices of Masada definetly fall into the 'Trad Goth' subgenre, and it's one that frequent well. Raymon is a very charismatic singer and certainly plays to the crowd - even if some of this playfulness is slagging them off and telling them to get closer of the stage and dance! Whereas with some bands/singers this wouldn't work with Voices of Masada the crowd duely surges forward and starts there swaying on que. I don't know if its Rays familiarity with the venue (he is a Slimelight regular) that gives him this additional relaxed aned slightly cocky tone but I have a feeling it's more his general stage persona and he'd be like this at other gigs across the land. The set has a sprinkling of older tracks in it but VoM use tonights gig to play a lot of new material which will be appear on their second album - due for release later this year. As Raymon said, to most of the crowd all the material would probably be new anyway! VoM is a three piece and whereas Raymon is the charismatic frontman the band would not be the same without Danny and Rob, forever hovering in the dry iced background. Another fine VoM gig. Verdict: 7/10

Now I'd better prefix this bit by saying that the old Fields of The Nephilim was (and is) one of my favourite bands of all time and also produced some of the finest live shows I've ever been lucky enough to go to. NFD consist of reminents of the classic Nephilim lineup and, even without Carl on vocals, could quite easily be The Nephilim as the vocals are excellent and backed with some of the trademark Nephilim guitar riffs you wouldn't know the difference.
Tonights gig was in celebration of their new single and, as expected, they played a number of new tracks as well as songs from their first NFD album. The crowd was thick, the dry ice was flowing, and a few arm-wavers were even spotted :p
To cap off a fantastic performance they finsihed off with three original Nephilim covers - the fabulously haunting Psychonaut, and the classic 'Preacher' and 'Moonchild'. Hearing the old tracks again, and coupled with the new NFD material, made this one of the best shows I've been to all year. For anyone who likes the Nephilim sound I would strongly urge you to go out and buy the NFD catalogue and try and catch them live. They are defintely worth it. Verdict: 9.5/10
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