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New Labour...

....I'm sorry but when New Labour came to power they were a really, really good thing for this country.

Now they are turning themselves into almost as hated a party as the Conservative party at the end of the Thatcher and Major years.

Personally I think it's sad that New Labour is basically the New Conservatives. I also think that being in absolute power for too long has gone to certain Ministers heads and it's not other 'politicians' taht are out of touch with public feeling but many of the Ministers themselves.

Sleaze, corruption and incompetence is a major problem with this current government, as much as it ever was under previous ones and more so than many of them.

I don't like the idea of The Conservatives getting back into power but as a socialist friend of mine said the other day, "I'd almost prefer the Tories back in than Blair - at least you have no illusions and hopes to be dashed then."

Britain needs a change of leadership. No idea where it will come from as I really don't think the Tories will be able to get back into power just yet and The LibDems aren't strong enough at National level yet either. I just hope whomever the next Labour leader is will bring in a whole load of new faces into Ministerial roles and mend some of the problems and awful decisions that Blair and his cronies have made.

Either that or a breakaway Labour party forms that is true to workers values without being militant socialists.

To think that I actually thought Blair would be a great Prime Minister back in the mid-90's (not that I've ever voted for him but I was very pleased to see him originally get in and then get a second term).

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