Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Thursday 4th May - VOTE!

Next Thursday is the local council Elections in the UK.

Use this opportunity to go and out and be heard. Register you're vote (regardless of party) or spoil your ballot in protest but be counted. People in otehr countries fight and die for this privilege.

If you're unhappy with the way the current government is operating (or satisfied) make your voice heard. Many people overlook the importance of council elections - both on their local operations and also the way they can affect the major national parties on their results. With the Labour government in the position it is at present (ie - under fire and generally unliked) a bad showing for them would increase the calls within the party for a change of leadership. The Conservatives are looking for a strong showing to give Cameroon his first real show of strength as their leader - the same can also be said with the LibDems and Campbell.

If enough people vote the way they feel there is mroe chance you will end up being able to change things. Personally I'm expecting the big two parties to less of the share of the votes this time round and for the major winners to be The LibDems, The Greens and the BNP as people look at alternative ways to reigister their disagreements with Labour and the Tories (although the Tories are still blemished by their 80's/early 90's past).

It should be an interested one next week. I wish I could be at home watching the results come in but unfortunately I'm out (monitoring the count of our local elections for Barnet actually - so I'll be 'on the spot' I guess and hopefully not starved of news from elsewhere!! :p)

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