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(Film Review) Slither

So, I decided to head over to the cinema at lunch after a morning of work  to see 'Slither' - a new 'horror comedy' b-movie.
The basic idea behind 'Slither' is that an alien intelligence that's lied dormant on a meteorite awakens when said meteorite crashes into Earth - landing in a small American town. The guy who finds it is infected by a strange parasite worm which hooks into his brain and starts transforming him into a mutated monster who kidnaps a woman, inpregnates her, and together they spawn thousands of the parasite worms that start terrorising the town and turning people into something akin to zombies.
The film reminded me quite a lot of The Blob - a film I enjoyed in both versions. It lacked a lot of the acting from the Blob remake though and, I felt, quite a bit of the humour was a little flat. I'd seen it advertised comparing it to 'Sean of the Dead' - but the two are miles apart in both originality, humour, script and overall execution.
A shame in some ways as Nathan Fillon (Firefly/Serenity) is the lead actor in this and Elizabeth Banks is quite cute. It was an enjoyable 90 minutes but still left a lot of be desired. Worth catching on video/dvd if you like this type of film but not necessarily worth a trip to the big screen.
School Report: C+ (A B-Movie that is really a C-Movie)


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Apr. 30th, 2006 09:12 am (UTC)
The humor being flat doesn't surprise me.
I'm sure that the first adverts I saw for this were selling it as a "Chilling horror movie"
- then suddenly the adverts starting talking about it as a comedy atr which point we thought
- obviously the screen tests didn't go well.
Apr. 30th, 2006 09:31 am (UTC)
the picture on the right hand side of the post...
..broke my f-list formatting!
Apr. 30th, 2006 09:31 am (UTC)
I did of course mean left hand side
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