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(News) Manga, Marillion, Kosovo, Iraq, Cuba and Zanzibar!

A quick round up of a few stories I decided to share....

UN troops fire on each other in Kosovo. Jordanian and US police excange fire leaving two Americans and a Jordanian dead. (UN Inquiry into Kosovo Shoot-Out; BBC On-line Sunday 18th April 2004)

The US Offensive in Iraq continues to draw criticism from within the Coalition whilst the US extends the 20,000 American troops one year Tour of Duty in Iraq by 90 days. (Polish FM Cticises US Offensive; BBC On-line, Sunday 18th April 2004)

Zanzibar has outlawed Gay and Lesbian. Lesbians will now face 7 years in jail, gays 25 years, and anyone found guilty of sodomizing a minor will receive life in prison.(Zanzibar outlaws homosexual acts; BBc On-line Wednesday 14th April 2004)

Mitsuteru Yokoyama, creator of Ironman 28 (known as Gigantor in the US) died this week from severe burns after his house caught fire. (Fire kills Japanese manga artist; BBC On-Line, Friday 16th April 2004)

The US slams Cuba over its human rights record. Cuba in turn slams the US over its human rights record in Guantanamo Bay and tables a resolution at the Human Rights Commission. (Cuba slams US over Guantanamo; BBC on-line; Friday 16th April 2004)

Rock band Marillion look likely to return to the heights of the UK charts for the first time in years. Their biggest hit to date was Kayleigh which reached Number 2 in 1985 but after an intensive internet campaign and rallying of fans their new single 'You're Gone' has sold more copies on preorder at HMV than any other single. The previous biggest preoder was for Stereophonics' 'Moviestar'. (Web fans boost Marillion single; BBC On-line Friday 16th April 2004)


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