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BNP - The party of the future???

When even some of your friends consider the BNP as a reasonable option you know something has gone terribly wrong with mainstream British politics.

We need Labour to be a distinctive Labour party, The Conservatives to be a distinctive Conservative partt and for the LibDems to be a distinctive 'middile of the road' party.

Everyone merging into the right-of-centre has done nothing to help the country but take away people's choices and any real chance of a viable opposition if the main opposition group (in this case the Conservatives) agrees more often than not with the party in power.

People will start turning to the more extreme parties in the effort to make 'some/any' change, or just be put off voting altogether because of the 'sameness' of British politics at present.

Not sure what should be done as none of the majors are going to start shifting their views because of their fear of loosing votes to the other parties involved in the scramble.

Maybe Britain needs a scare from the 'extremists' to get people involved with politics again and make the big three take note and start behaving differently.

We'll see, but the fact that some of you lot are considering the BNP as an option does worry me. Didn't you go and watch 'V For Vendetta'???

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