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(News) A couple of Iraq stories before I head to bed.....

Iranian delegates arrive in Iraq at request of the US authorities to help resolve problems. (Iran's Influence in Iraq; BBC On-Line; Thursday 15th April 2004)

Spanish troops are being withdrawn fom Iraq but Spain has pledged to bolster it's forces in Afghanistan under UN guidance. (Spain PM Orders Iraq Troops Home; BBC On-Line; Sunday 18th April 2004)

With Spain pulling out (their troops were stationed in the Polish-controlled zone) and the Polish Foreign Ministers criticism of the US earlier you can't help but wonder if other countries will actually start following suit. It's not a surprise that the US has started taking the UN's guidance about a UN-appointed interim-government alot more seriously in the last couple of days and the possibility of a new UN Resolution is on the cards again. As much as I'd like Bush and co to get really hit hard with all this it is unfair on the servicemen stationed in Iraq and the Iraqi people. Let's just hope that a) Bush gets kicked so far from office he and all his cronies/puppet-masters burn up upon re-entry and b) the world has a stronger backbone to turn round to the US and tell it where to go if it ever tries something like this again.


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