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9 Days or 9 Years - Doesn't make a difference in my book Tony...

"Tony Blair has pleaded for voters not to let nine days of bad headlines obscure Labour's record over nine years in government on issues such as schools, healthcare, the economy and policing." - Polls Close In Elections Battle (BBC News Online; Thursday 4th May 2006)

So, Tony Blair wanted us voters to ignore the last nine days of party turmoil and concentrate of the last nine years instead.

Hmm... well Tony, I'm not sure there's much difference anymore. We wanted a Labour government nine years ago and we got a continuation of the Tories. You just dressed different. But at the end of the day a right of centre government is still a right wing government.

You've screwed pretty much everyone from education to health and a hell of a lot more beside. You've ignored the voices and concerns of the people whilst saying that other politicians are "out of touch with public opinion". I'll grant you the economy is in pretty good shape... but I have a feeling that's mroe down to your current neighbour than you and in anycase, one right doesn't make up for all the wrongs.

People feel betrayed by you and yours. Depending on the results of todays local election we may hear even more of your own party MPs calling for you to step down. Hope you finally make the right move and allow the Labour party to regain some respect.

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