Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Local Elections

Most of the Wards have now declared as I write this (163 of the 170 holding partial -or whole- elections). So what does daylight bring?

Well Labour did get a kicking as generally expected, loosing 254 Councillors and control of 18 Councils. The Conservatives did well picking up most of the Labour scalps by gaining 250 Councillors and winning 12 Councils they hadn't controlled at the beginning of the night. The LibDems, in my mind, had a poor showing only gaining 18 additional councillors and control of 1 additional Council.

The Green Party gained an additional 14 Councillors and the BNP gained a further 13 - both of which were pretty much expected.

The National Share of the vote was roughly as follows:

Conseravtive 40%
Liberal Democrat 27%
Labour 26%
Other Parties 7%

Of course all of the above figures will change slightly as the remaining Councils complete their counts and declare.

I'm annoyed that in Barnet (my council) The Conservatives - who had been expected to be in trouble up here for a variety of reasons - actually made headway and gained 5 seats (4 from Labour and 1 from the LibDems). I'm guessing that might spell the end of Barnet Footbal Club remaining in the Borough :(

More commentary later (maybe) but I need to get ready for work. Well done to The Greens though , I'm really glad they had a good showing :)

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