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Dragonmeet 2004

Well, I've taken the plunge. After four years out of the convention organising circuit I've been persuaded back into the fold. I'm back on board the Dragonmeet Committee again after helping relaunch and rebrand the convention back in 2000. I'll be looking after Traders and Special Guests this year which should be fun (with the compulsory headaches and general stress it will all entail...).

For those who don't know Dragonmeet it's a one-day Games Convention held in London in early December. The date of this years event is Saturday December 4th. It's built up a very good reputation over the last four years and has attracted a fair amount of interest from American companies too which is fairly rare for UK-based Cons.

The old Dragonmeet website can be found HERE if you'd like to see what's gone before. The 2004 site should hopefully be up shortly.

Now I have several ideas for special guests in mind but thought it'd be fun to also throw this one out to LJland. Who would you like to see at Dragonmeet 2004? Please restrict your answers to game industry types and not the Sarah Michelle Geller's of the world ;-p


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