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I never knew it was System of A Down....

'Toxicity' by System of A Down landed on my desk at work this morning. I'd won it for a few pounds in an ebay auction as I wanted to hear some more of their music after hearing (and rather liking) Chop Suey! repeatedly on various music channels.

Now everyone has left work (I'm doing a bit of a late shift tonight) I've thrown it on the stereo here and, although it's heavier than my usual taste, it is pretty good.

I've also just discovered that they are behind a song I've been dancing to at clubs for the last few years (Forest) which makes things even better.

A quick shout out to clubland types - which band does the metal cover version of either an 80's Simple Minds or INXS song? (I think it's a Simple Minds track?). Purplekaz has certainly told me at least twice but my mind is a sieve and I can't remember who the band is or even what the song title was. I remember I liked it though ;-p

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