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Football..... It's A Funny Old Game

God what a stressful afternoon.

For those that don't know today was the last day in the Football League calendar for Leagues 1 and 2. Barnet, my local club, was one of seven teams in League 2 that could have been relegated down to the Conference this afternoon. Rusden & Diamonds had already been relegated and were Barnets competition today - but it didn't mean they'd be a pushover and although Barnet could still survive if they lost depending on other teams results things could have been tricky.

Luckily Barnet won 2-1 in the end but it was a nail biting few hours watching the results change. Especially in the Oxford United game (there result affected everyone else because if they lost or drew they were relegated and everyone else was safe regardless of results). Oxford went 1-0 up, then 1-1, then 2-1, then 2-2 to finally loose 2-3 in the last minute of their game. Goodbye Oxford.

In a strange quirk of fate Oxford United were promoted into the Football League 44 years ago because a team called Accrington Stanley went bankcrupt. This year as Oxford are relegated out of the Football League into the Conference a certain team called Accrington Stanley have won the Conference and are re-entering the Football League again for the first time in 44 years. How weird is that!

Anyway, Barnet are safe. Now to prepare for next season and hope for some better results throughout the course of the season...

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