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Bot II

OK, I think I've found out it is a Bot run by someone in Texas whose using it as an experiment. I think it's primary purpose seems to be to gage the reaction it gets from people. The guy who I suspect runs it (unless it is anotehr user just jumping the bandwagon and making himself sound more clever/unpopular/annoying) is also commenting on a lot of peoples comments - some of them are a bit on the abusive side others are just plain rude or quite chatty depending on the commentators feelings towards being friended by a Bot.

I've already spent more time looking into this than it's worth.

At the end of the day if has Friended me I don't have to friend it back and read its gibberish. It just sits there on my Friends list and I appear on its Friends page. Makes no difference to me as my LJ is a public one anyway and anything I don't want the mass internet to possibly read won't get written or if it does would be stuck in a Friends Only post which the Bot couldn't access anyway.

Thus, I now go and leave this insane experiment behind. Time for food and to also change the CD. As much as I do like Babylon Zoo (I just got the CD off ebay a couple of days ago) having it on repeat for the last few hours has given me a desire to listen to something else as well as highlighting my laziness for not going the two steps it takes from this desk to put something else on :p

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