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More Football Musings...

It just occured to me this mroning that both of Englands big Domestic Football Cup Finals this year have featured teams which were promoted into the Premiership last season.

Wigan played Manchester United in the Carling Cup and West Ham will be playing Liverpool in the FA Cup next Saturday.

That's a fantastic achievement for the new boys who entered the Premiership last year. The only failure was Sunderland who only managed to win three games all season.

Next year will definetly see Reading and Sheffield United in the Premiership with the third spot still to be decided (it's between Watford, Preston, Leeds and Crystal Palace in the Play-offs - my money's on Watford making it). If any of those teams do as well as Wigan or West Ham have this year by reaching a major cup final and also finishing upper-mid table in the League (having been near the top for a good chunk of the season) I'll be amazed. But then again I really didn't think that West Ham or Wigan would do it this season.

Both teams can be bloody proud of themselves.

(If only Norwich could have done that the previous season when they were promoted...)

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