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England World Cup Squad...

Hmm, a few surprises.

The fact that Walcott made it in without having played a single match for Arsenal as yet over the likes of DeFoe and Bent for a start. Bent didn't even make the standby list which I'm surprised about. Also no Wright-Phillips!

Provisional squad:
Robinson (Tottenham), James (Manchester City), Green (Norwich); G Neville (Manchester United), Ferdinand (Manchester United), Terry (Chelsea), Cole (Arsenal), Campbell (Arsenal), Carragher (Liverpool), Bridge (Chelsea), Beckham (Real Madrid), Carrick (Tottenham), Lampard (Chelsea), Gerrard (Liverpool), Hargreaves (Bayern Munich), Jenas (Totenham), Downing (Middlesbrough), J Cole (Chelsea), Lennon (Tottenham), Rooney (Manchester United), Owen (Newcastle), Crouch (Liverpool), Walcott (Arsenal).

Scott Carson (Liverpool), Luke Young (Charlton), Nigel Reo-Coker (West Ham), Jermain Defoe (Tottenham), Andy Johnson (Crystal Palace).


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May. 8th, 2006 02:51 pm (UTC)
Wright-Phillips has hardly had a game all season. The move to Chelsea has been a bit of a disaster for him. I'm glad Reo-Coker has been recognised for all the good work this year. Given that the midfield is already over-stuffed with quality he won't be in the final squad but it's not bad going. He's captain of West Ham and he's only 21. Lennon is also a good choice but as a West Ham fan, I care less about him.

I don't know why anyone bothers with Hargreaves. He may do wonders for Bayern Munich but he seems a fish out of water in the England set-up. I'd have thought that Wright Phillips would offer better options than he would but I suppose they need cover if Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard and Cole all get crocked. I'd see him behind Carrick and Jenas, Downing or Lennon.

Only two fit out and out forwards is more of a worry. I guess Owen is more likely to be ready in time but I'd have put Bent in instead of one of the many midfielders.

Kudos to Green though as the only lower division player in the main squad. He's better than James in my book. I guess this does say something about the number of foreign players in the Premiership, especially goal-keepers, that fourth choice is a reserve keeper, and fourth choice forward has never played for England or in the Premiership.

Can they win the World Cup? Without Rooney, we'd need a new wonder boy up front. Walcott might be that man but he's never come up against cynical international defending before so I doubt it.
May. 8th, 2006 03:42 pm (UTC)
I find that just bizarre. The two fit strikers are a 17 year old who's never played for his club, and a vastly overrated beanpole who's apparently "great in the air" simply because he's tall (he might try jumping). Rooney's basically shot for the entire tournament, so we can wave goodbye there (but knowing Sven he won't actually replace him in the squad), and Owen's not going to be at match fitness until the knockout rounds probably.

Ah, but Sven says "Joe Cole is a striker really" - which is news to the rest of us, probably including Joe himself. Especially considering he's the only midfielder who seems to be able to make a decent job of playing out of position on the left, so playing him as a striker leads to sticking Wayne Bridge in the midfield if needs be.

Owen Hargreaves I don't really get, nor Jermaine Jenas. Glad to see Aaron Lennon there though. I suppose Hargreaves has to be there, as Sven needs some utterly pointless substitution to make to "tighten up" in a tight knockout game, probably about a minute or two before go behind.

Mediocre goalkeeping choices, but then English goalkeeping is in general mediocre at the moment. Decent defence, excellent midfield, no-mark attack in the absence of Rooney or a fit Owen. Quarter finals at best before lack of firepower finds us out.
May. 9th, 2006 07:49 am (UTC)
Wouldn't argue with the standby keeper, though. Carson's been on loan at Hillsborough for the past couple of months and while his kicking could do with a little work, the rest of his game is pretty much spot on and you'd never believe he was only 20. But if he gets in the full squad it'd scupper our chances of keeping him for a while longer (our keeper is likely to be out injured until Christmas).
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