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Angus' Birthday Celebrations...

OK already! I have resigned myself to the fact that I won't be able to ignore my birthday again this year as a few of you appear not to want to let me gloss over the fact I'll be +1 year in the very near future.

So with that in mind (plus the attempt to actually get my ass out and be a bit more social) I'm offering you all two chances/choices to come out and celebrate this with me.

1) B-MOVIE @ The Water Rats, Kings Cross Friday 12th May
B-Movie is on THIS Friday and has an Alice in Wonderland theme to it. So if you want a great mix of 80's/90's alternative rock and pop with a none-to-small dash of goth come on down and drink/dance the night away with me!!!

2) ANTILIGHT @ KOKO, Mornington Crescent (Camden) Saturday 20th May
This is Antilight's second night after a good launch night last month. Definitly much more of a traditional goth/industrial club set in superb surroundings and with a live band playing early on! This month they're also bringing in cider in cans and lowering drinks prices after feedback. It's nice to have a club that listens :p
Antilight will probably be pre-shadowed by drinks at either The Worlds End or The Dev.

So, any of you lot up for joining me then???

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