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Future human explorers on Mars may face five mile high, and highly electrically charged, dust storms and tornadoes, according to NASA scientists. Dust Storms May bedevil Mars Explorers (CNN On-Line;Wednesday 21st April 2004)

Continuing the space theme.... Satrships #1 1985 Single 'We Built This City' has been named THE WORST SONG EVER by Blender magazine. Now whilst I'm hardly a Starship fan (ok, yes, I did go and dance to it at the B-Movie 80's special) there are a hell of alot worse songs past and present. CNN is running a poll for you to choose which one of six tracks you think should be the worst song ever. Even then I think they're missing some dreadful ones. Anyway for the story check out What's The Worst Song of All-Time? (CNN On-Line; Wednesday 21st April 2004)

In England, the Chief Inspector of Schools has suggested dropping the legal obligation onschools to provide a daily act of collective worship. Apparently 76% of all secondary-schools are already not following these guidelines. Personally I do feel that religious School Assemblies are outdated these days. Britain is very much a multi-cultural country and the home of a wide avriety of different religious views. Having schools preach an overwhelmingly 'Christian' service is offensive to many who wither don't follow a religon or a non-Church of England one. We aren't a religous state (thank god!) and religion shouldn't play a part in non-denomination schools beyond the teaching of different belief systems. School 'daily worship' questioned. (BBC On-Line; Wednesday 21st April 2004)

One of the major news stories of the day is the release of Israeli Scientist Mordechai Vanunu after 18 years imprisonment for treason. Vanunu was the scientist responsible for alerting the world to the 'alledged' fact that Israel has nuclear arms and was pursuing a weapons of mass destruction program. Although he has been released Israeli authorities have slapped a lot of restrictions on him and have refused him a passport. 'Proud' Vanunu vows to fight on (BBC On-line; Wednesday 21st April 2004)


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Apr. 21st, 2004 07:47 am (UTC)
Your wrong. 'We Built This City' is the worst song ever. Daver has a copy and made me listen to it repeatedly in the car after that fateful B-Movie 80's night. It must DIE!

While I'm all for the comparative study of religion in schools, religious assemblies are an afront to anyone who thinks that religion should be taken by choice rather than indoctrination. Otherwise it's simply a cult and you can all go off and join Rev. Jim Jones in the forest.

Apr. 21st, 2004 09:58 am (UTC)
"We built this city" is the worst song ever? "Bah, humbug" I say! But then it seems to have become fashionable to slag off anything from the 80s now, just for the sake of it. :(

There have been far worse coming out lately. See anything by Hilary Duff, for example. Or any of those mass-produced boy bands. Or pretty much any R&B.
Apr. 21st, 2004 01:44 pm (UTC)
One of the handy things about doing an odd course like geology is that you pick up all sorta of odd information

Some useful facts about Mars.. Average temp -23 degrees celcius,
Gravity is 0.38 that of Earth, and the Atmospheric pressure is 6, compared with the Earth average of 1000. Wind speeds can exceed 500km an hour. So yeh, a bit on the dodgy side when staggering back from the Martian pub ;)
Actaully, my favourite planet for crazy stuff is Venus, where due to oddness of it, particles up to a centimetre can move in the atmosphere, at 1ms/roughly 3.5km an hour, or less than walking speed. Can you imagine walking along and dodging between all these slow moving pebbles?

And good for Vanunu, big respect for the man for standing up for something like that.

Anyway, I stop gibbering now.
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