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(Dream) Carnations...

Wow. I just had another one of my 'epic' cinemagraphic dreams - and it was absolutely fantastic.

It was primarily set in 'not too distant' future (within the next 50-100 years I'm guessing) and involved a billionarie industrialists scheme to cleanse the world of filth and reincarnate people by redirecting their 'souls'  upon death into 'Carnations' (a type of crystalline battery) which was then inserted into a 'Shell' (initially an almost featurless gray organic structure vaguely modelled on the person who'll eventually inhabit it; Shells then took on the fuller features of the person once the Carnations were inserted and activated. Then the persons 'soul' powered and shaped the finer details and personality of the Shell).

There was a hardcore religious group called 'The Redemeers' or 'Redemptionists'  who on the final day would  help  people move on to the better life. They were cloathed in long brown hooded robes, with somekind of kevlar armour woven into the fabric, and carried some of the biggest firepower I've ever seen! They were also based in what seemed like some kind of medieval keep which was kinda cool. The Redemeers were opposed to the billionaires plans (although to be fair I'm not sure they actually knew about them) but were preparing for the 'Final Day' along with other covert groups of their group scattered across the world. They were a bit of a mix between Mad Monks and The Templars to be honest and had many high ranking/profile society members amongst their ranks, including the Emperor of Polska.

The dream contained cloning, shielded islands, nuclear destruction, wastelands, Purgatory Paper, hopes and dreams, betrayal, and one of the best twists at the end that really blindsided me!

I'll try and write-up more later (I've already started to do so but need to get ready for work) but WOW. I ams o glad sometimes that I live inside my head :p


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May. 19th, 2006 10:34 am (UTC)
You need to find a way to output your dreams directly into rpgs! You could quadruple Cubicle 7's output overnight (literally), and you'd make some of the most eclectic games around!
May. 19th, 2006 12:08 pm (UTC)
soudns amazing & am intrigued by purgatory paper!
May. 19th, 2006 05:31 pm (UTC)
I gather that 'Purgatory Paper' works in a similiar way to 'Carnations'. But whereas Carnations plug the soul back into what becomes a person Purgatory Paper is just that - Paper.

It's a kind of living reminder of the person, their personality and their deeds. As it traps the sould it's often used as punishment but from what I was getting from my dream was actually now considered illegal pretty much everywhere (if it had ever been legal to begin with).

The only case I came across in the dream was regarding the billionaire industrialists wife. Her soul had been in Purgatory Paper after her death and he kept her in a safe. Whilst he was not doing this as a pubishment - he genuinely wanted her still close - it obviously wasn't good for her.

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