Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Lordi - Masters of Europe!

Well, what d'ya know.

Lordi have actually won the Eurovision Song Contest! The Monsters of Finnish Rock stormed the scoring and it was pretty clear that there was no catching them. They ended up winning by a clear 50+ points I believe.


I'll love to see what the press says about that over the next few days and also intrigued to see if this changes the style of entrants in the competition next year. Especially considering how well Lithuania's unorthodox Eurovision entry did as wel! Good on them! :)

I'm also now £90 better off courtesy of Ladbrooks - which is an additional bonus!

Although I think it's all accounted for by the people texting me saying the drinks are on me and also glaelia out for a meal!!!

I spent the evening in the very fine company at Mr and mrsdominic's Non-Eurovision Gathering along with zenmeisterin, civi, Claire and Eleanor, We watched Doctor Who, ate pizza and then cheered and sneered at the Eurovision contestants and the scoring later on. I think everybody was happy with the result :D

Ah, twas a good night indeed...

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