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Camarilla Post

This won't mean a lot to many of you but there are a few people on my friends list who either played - or still play - Camarilla games around the globe.

I received a phone call off Andy Connell (UK NC) yesterday and from omentide today to let me know that I have been awarded a Global Trustee for services rendered to the society over the last 12 years. Admittedly over the last few my involvement has been pretty scarce (to non-existent) but I am chuffed to have been awarded it. Thank you Camarilla! :D

I actually explained it to someone today as 'a kind of OBE for the World of Darkness'.

So anyway, I'm getting a nice Certificate and can go and join the other Antediluvians now.

(Anyone know if I can put initial after my name now? Or if you have to refer to me in a special way???)

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