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Blah... The Soldier Carries On...

Not feeling on top form today. To be honest I wasn't feeling 100% yesterday either but had to go out last night and have to tonight too.

I think tonight will be my last 'social engagement away from home' until The Editors next Wednesday.

Last night I popped down to the Electric Ballroom to see the NME Tours final date. The Long Blondes, Forward Russia and The Automatic were playing with Boy Kill Boy headlining the event. I'll try to write up some thoughts at somepoint (I still want to do that Yeah Yeah Yeahs review too before it gets too long ago...).

The Aftershow was at Zensai in Inverness Street which was a nice bar with (surprisingly) reasonably priced drinks. I was hassled by a woman outside trying to get my pass or to otherwise get her in which was a bit annoying but once I was through security I didn't have the hassle anymore :p I actually didn't stay too long as I'd stupidly mixed drinks during the gig and on top of already not feeling 100% thought it wise to catch a tube home before they closed down for the night.

This evening is Therapy? at Islington Academy. I've managed to wrangle some extra passes for one of my sisters (Gen) and her boyfriend Tom and also another sisters (Dominique) boyfriend, Darren. So it's kind of a family outting in some ways ;p

Don't think I'll be smoking or drinking though (yeah sure - Ed) and am really going to come straight home and avoid any aftershow party shennanighans. I'm actually looking forward to having Friday night at home alone this week.

Oh, if anyone is in the Finchley area on Saturday morning Toos and myself will be seeing X-Men 3 at Finchley Lido at 10.10AM. In the afternoon Mr Dom is coming pver for games (yay!). I'm going to teach him the brilliant Memoir '44 as I played that with Seth on Tuesday and it is a fantastic game. Sunday work. Monday (Bank Holiday here in the UK) is more games with Seth, Nicole and Toos coming over for the afternoon/evening.

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