Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Why I May Move Abroad...

This is actually really irritating on so many levels.

If I'd considered doing this two years ago then I'd probably still be in a relationship but hey, shit happens and anyway life is for living and new experiences, etc...

I *may* (and I stress the MAY part) be placing myself into voluntary exile in the next two years. I'm just getting so f**king tired of mainstream thickheadedness and anti-Europeanism of a lot of the British public. Especially the tabloids (see they wind me up even when I don't read them!).

We have a corrupt government that few trust, a population whose opinion is largely dictated to by the 'tabloid' press, and for one of the most multicultural countries in the world an alaraming rise of racism and 'patriotism' amongst the young. The problem is most of them don't actually understand what patriotism is and I very much doubt would actually be prepared to lay down their lives for it.

I'm going to hang around until after the next election for certain. I want to see how things pan out but if they don't get any better, and if the glorious British public decide they aren't interested in 'Europeanism' then I'm going to seriously start considering quitting the UK.

It's going to be hard if I do for a number of reasons (not least friends, employment, language ;-p) but I'll make a load of new friends as well as keeping in touch with old ones. I'll find a new job (or ideally be able to run Cubicle 7 as a full time concern or survive on freelancing - yeah right! ;-p). And I'll learn whatever language I need through the fact that I'll be surrounded by it 24/7.

The only question is really where should I move to if this takes place. I'd prefer to stay in Europe (so sadly Brazil is out) but don't mind about not living somewhere that speaks English as their first language. Current favourites are France, Hungary, Czech Republic or somewhere in one of the Scandinavian countries.

We'll see. But I've almost had enough of British pigheadedness.

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