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I hope everyone has fun at Robin's drinks tonight. Unfortunately I doubt I'll be able to make it this evening.

I've been feeling a bit under-the-weather the last week and it's not shaken off yet. On top of that I am having to work tomorrow (I did have the next three Saturdays off and am now working on two of them due to the original cover not being able to actually cover - thus no tomorrow drinks in town with Marc/Tracey or Foo Fighters gig on the 17th - at least I still get the England match on the 10th! :p).

Thus, I'm crying off the pub tonight. I've also got lots of work/planning on the go atm anyway so tonight will be spent doing that.

I will be making an appearence at The College Arms tomorrow evening though (although I won't actually be playing down there) so I hope to catch up with some of you guys and gals there instead).

Have a great birthday Robin! and hope everyone has a great evening and to see you all soon.

I misses ya all I do! :p

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