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I popped down to The College Arms last night - primarily to catch up with Torley and Tracey for a chat about 'world domination'. But as Torley's last train to Plymouth had been cancelled he had to get the earlier one which led to the comical moment of me walking into the pub to see him just as he was picking up his bag to leave the pub to catch the train. Darn it...

Anyway, it was great to catch up with so many people I've not seen in ages last night. I don't think I'd realised it had been so long since I saw of some of you! I also had a good chat with Tracey about 'world domination' and spent most of the evening chatting to her, Paul (the landlord), Izzy, Dan and another chap whose name I can't remember (sorry).

I also picked up my Certificate from White Wolf proclaiming my 'Trustee' status and MC15 Prestiege Level. It was mentioned that WW are obviously feeling a financial pinch at the moment as when Torley got his it was a plaque whereas mine was a bit of fancy card in a folder! I don't know - I line Torley up with the plum jobs and then get his sloppy seconds!!! hehehe... I don't mind really, the thought of presenting me with Trustee-ship was nice enough.

Will be posting news about a new central London games club within the next week. Just have to confirm one more detail and then I can start announcing it. For those interested in RPGs, Board/Card Games or TMG/CCGs keep the third Sunday of each month  free if you can!

Should be fun...

Anyway, I'm at work today and better get on and do some...

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