Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson


Downside - This afternoon I've developed a really bad headache. I've taken some pills and plenty of liquid (of the non-alcoholic variety...) and am playing some restful, almost ambient, music to lull my mind into peacefulness.

Upside - I spoke to my old gym today after they sent me a letter about a new monthly membership scheme (as opposed to a yearly one that I had been on in a previous incarnation). It didn't sound any better than my previous scheme apart from being able to quit at anypoint with only a months notice as opposed to having to see out the initial year. Then I asked them about something Delphine told me they do in France. A kind of open-ended gym ticket covering 10 visits. I was pleasently surprised to hear that they also do such a scheme. £50 for a ten ticket card working out at £5/session spread over however long you want (they did say they normally issue them for a three-month period but can extend them to a year). So, once I get some free time to get down to the gym and sign-up, I'll have myself a gym to go to again :) ...and just in time for summer to (they have a swimming pool :p)!

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