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[Rant Censored]

Gah! I've decided not to post my latest rant and also editted my earlier 'sucide is an act of war' post.

Some things just really make me mad.

One of them is the misconception that everyone held at Guantanamo Bay is a terrorist. Sure, some probably are, but most were just holding guns pointing the wrong way when their country was invaded!

Also comments saying they are treated  "Better than most citizens in our U.S. prisons. These people think nothing of life. A suicide means nothing to them. If we close the place they win." are indicative to the short-sightedness prevalent in so many areas.

I agree with "You cannot claim to be fighting to uphold principles of freedom and justice around the world while at the same time ignoring international laws and basic human rights. Since these prisons are not adequately controlled from international agents, there is no way to know who committed suicide, who was tortured to death and who was downright executed. After pictures from Abu Ghraib, I don't quite think much of the US calling others "bad". It hardly gets more "bad" than that in my eyes."

But then again I guess my views on the whole situation are fairly well known to anyone I've spoken to or who has read my LJ over the years.

I'm very unlikely to suddenly change my mind about the legality of the Iraq War, the treatment of prisoners of war (don't even get me started on 'enemy combatants') by US Forces and the long term 'good' it will do. The whole situation is not only incredibly divisive within most western 'cultures' but will further alienate many cultures and push more and mroe people into the arms of extremists (on both sides of the fence).

(Quoted comments were taken from the BBC 'Have Your Say' Forums - which I really shouldn't read as there's alwasya few which are generally guaranteed to  wind me up)

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