Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(News) US Competiton to Build WMDs whilst world calls them 'Biggest Thereat to Global Peace"

The annual Pew Global Attitudes Project Survey has been released. Increasing bad news for the States, but then a blind man could have told you that. It looks like it might really be a good option calling yourself a Canadian if you're an American travelling in certain areas these days...

US 'Biggest Global Peace Threat' (BBC News Online; Wednesday 14th June 2006)

(Although I think only Democrats should be able to call themselves Canadians and the Republican voters would have to take the wrath of the world as Americans...;p)n between two Labs (one in San Fran the other in New Mexico) to see who can create new WMD's! They are competing to see which can

Also, America is running a competitio create the  first new US nuclear bomb design in the last two decades. Sounds like Bush is trying to build more WMD's to me! Quick UN Resolutions! Sanctions! INVADE!!! Oh sorry, this is America isn't it. That kinds thing is alright for them to do. They're "Christian" don't you know. hehe...

Labs Compete To Make New Nuclear Bomb (Yahoo News; Tuesday 13th June 2006)

Meanwhile a much more sensible approach is called upon in a study by the United Nations... Study Wants Nuclear Weapons Outlawed (Yahoo News; Thursday 1st June 2006)

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