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(Gig) Live / Kharma 45

I took a slight departure from my regular gig going this evening and went and saw Live at The Astoria. I say 'a slight departure' because I don't really listen to MOR (Middle fo the Road) Rock and haven't really ever done apart from the occasional band such as Nickleback (oh, and bands like Bon Jovi but that was back in the 80's! :p). But goldmoonrj wanted to see them as they've never played Brazil and who am I do deny a damsel in distress...

The first band of the evening were Kharma 45 whom I've never heard of before. They had some good tunes and some not so good tunes. They also tended to  repeat lyrics quite a bit in a couple of their songs which wasn't the most interesting of options they could have taken. I did however quite enjoy them. They were a kind of rockier version of Kasabian - mixing in backing tracks, with almost chill out beats, rocky guitar and singing. They are apparently going to playing Reading in August so I may stop by and have anotehr listen. In anycase I'll be keeping an eye on their Myspace site to see if they are playing London again and may catch them as I think they are a band with potential if they can work on the lyrics a bit more (certainly the music was very good).

Now I've actually seen Live before. I'm not sure when exactly (and I'm too lazy to check right now) but I think it was between 1992 - 1994. They played Brixton Academy back then and I seem to remember thinking it was an 'alright but not great' gig. I've also not heard any of their material since that period (which was I believe their debut album - which I do have somewhere in one of my many stacks of CDs that have sat in the same place as I put them when I moved in here two years ago!). They do have some 'anthems' which most people will probably recognise even if they are not familiar with the band as they were quite popular at the time (or I should say would probably recognise if you were into rock music in the early 90's ;p). Personal taste aside for a moment I will say that the band are really, really good live. They are tight, charismatic, play every song with the passion as though it was the last song of the encore and they want to leave the crowd on a high, very chatty and they really got pretty much the entire crowd going. If you like them, or rock in general, then I would seriously reccommend going to see them. They are certainly worth it. Personally, whilst I thought they played a blinding gig they are not my 'cup of tea'. I guess I'm just not that kind of 'rock kid' anymore. Apart from a few tracks (pretty much the hits from early 90's) I thought the music was pretty samey and if I'd been at home I'd have certainly changed the CD or channel surfed to something more to my taste. I'm very glad I went, but I wouldn't go and see them again. If you are a Live fan (which 99% of the crowd seemed to be) I'm sure it'll be your 'Gig of the Year!'. I know goldmoonrj really enjoyed herself which was great to see. I just like a bit more 'alternative and innovation' in my rock music.

I'd also like to say that they were very loud and I now seem to have lost partial hearing in atleast one ear but maybe both. Certainly one more than the other for sure... :p
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