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GenCon Indy... Part 2...

Rock n Roll...

Hotel accomodation for the show - check
Traders Pass - check
Airplane Ticket  - to be brought next week

It looks like yours truly will be heading over to the Great US of A to attend GenCon in Indy. I haven't been to a US GenCon since we launched Valkyrie Magazine back in 1994. Then it was in Milwaukee, Magic was a year old, White Wolf was 'cool', we had The Safe House to party in and I was a young innocent goth! (well ok, not so innocent :p). Actually one day I'm going to have to scan in my old passport photo and upload it here so you guys and gals can see what a '94 vintage Angus looked like. I know iamnikchick saw it a few years ago in Vegas but I'm not sure if anyone else on my friends list ever saw it (although ukmonty and some of my old friends might remember my 'hair dye' phase :p).

Anyway, more news to follow as things are sorted out.

Depending on my flights I might also try and sneak a few days extra in another city (hopefully New York in which case I can try and see if jessworld is available and catch up with my old flatmate :p).

PS - corone : this does mean that the thing you haven't been able to speak about will definetly be publicly known at the show so you'll be able to rave away to your hearts content. It might be good to have lunch and sort out a press release and project overview for the show  :p


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Jun. 16th, 2006 01:28 pm (UTC)
(actually, both the things I can't talk about will be revealed... :-)
- thank god, I hate keeping secrets, especialy exciting ones!)

Still want to go with you, damn my lack of cash!
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