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Ok, I'll Admit I May Be A Bit Tired...

Tonight consisted of me coming home, making some pasta whilst talking to mrmmarc and watching the first half of the Mexico - Angola match.

Followed by reading (currently reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher) and watching the second half of the Mexico - Angola match. Or as it turned out probably about the first ten minutes of the second half of the match as the next thing I knew the game had finished, the book was lying on the floor next to the couch and I was wondering what had happened to the last 40 minutes.

I think I should have an early night tonight. Am working all weekend and don't have any time off until Wednesday (when I'm heading over to Hyde Park to see a few bands. I'm then back in Hyde Park again on Friday and Sunday. The Sunday gig will probably mean that I miss the England match if we play that day but after a lot of soul-searching I decided to f**k-it and go to the gig. At least I shouldn't have the heartache of watching us possibly loose and can find the score when I leave (or get someone to text it to me :p) whereas seeing a load of really good bands in the company of friends on a (hopefully) sunny London day is something that I can actually enjoy!

G'night folks.

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