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(Film Review) Mirrormask

This is where I piss off a number of friends.

I finally watched Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's "Mirrormask" this evening. It is a film I've been eagerly waiting to see as both Mr Gaiman and McKean are two of my favourite artists in their resepctive fields (Gaiman for writing and McKean for his artwork and visualisation).

Now the film is certainly a very attractive one. The CGI and scenery are fantastic and definetly do justice to McKean's warped visions. The costumes and designs are great, etc. The basic plot of the story is a 15 year old girl gets 'swapped' into a fantasy kingdom by a princess escaping her overbearing mother. Unfortunately the 'princess' decides to then destroy all trace of the world in the effort not to be found and returned there - thus triggering catastrophic events 'back home'. The girl from the 'real world' struggles to find the 'Mirrormask' which will help save both the White Queen and also offer her a chance to get back home to her own ill mother.

It is a childrens story and a childrens film. Although the special effects can certainly be admired by all ages I found the plot, the script and the acting lacking. Plus the annoying slightly-jazzy score started to really get on my nerves at points.

Mr Gaiman excels at comic writing and 'maybe' with a good budget his talenmts could really shine on the silver screen. Whilst I enjoyed Neverwhere it could certainly have benefited with a better budget and actors. Now Mirrormask's special effects couldn't be much better but there's something about the film which misses the point. Or at least misses the point for me.

School Report: C (Mirrormask has been called 'The Labyrinth for the 21st Century'. I wish it was.)
(Special Commendation: Special Effects & Design: A)
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