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Day 12, Dreaming the Music, and random musings

Thursday 29th April - already? It doesn't seem that almost four months have come and gone since the beginning of the year. Time is moving too quickly - I have to get into the driving seat of life at somepoint and slam on these breaks. I'll be retiring before I know it at this rate and that's just not on (well - unless I win a few million quid....). Life seems to be flying past me at the moment and has done for the last few years, problem being is that I feel like I'm crawling through life. My memories of ten years ago feel like they only happened a few months ago, months ago seem like last week. And it's not like I'm actually not doing anything - I've been more active and busy at work than I have been for a while. If any has the manual please let me know - I really want to slow this contraption down before I'm just a pile of dust in a box.

Day 12 - This is my 12th staright day of work....and I have still have two more to go. It wasn't planned but my days off seem to have vanished due to one reason or another. I might actually be in over the bank holiday too at somepoint if I'm not careful. I don't mind work as I enjoy my job (freak!!!!) but time off is also very good. I have things to do, people to see, a life to live outside these walls!!!! (Yes, I'm writing this from work - taking a few minutes off....). Anyway, Day 12, roll on Day 14 so I can have the 15th day of rest!

My dreams recently have been odd. Apart from the commercials that invaded my sleep a week or so back I was dreaming music videos last night. I woke up after dreaming what I think was a video of that band that covered Metallica songs with Chellos. I can't rememebr their name. Anyway it was a band with chellos playing in a sea with a Germanic-sounding goth singing over the top. It sounded very good and I'm pretty sure the video actually exists as I saw something similiar last year on the German VIVA channel when I was over there. Why I should dream of that though is anyone's guess.

Anyway I should finish this off and get back to wrapping up todays work load. Tomorrow is another day and all that. Unfortunately it looks like it'll be very similiar to today - although I do have All About Eve tomorrow night. Would have loved to have gone out afterwards to one of the many birthday bashes or club-goings sprees that various friends are organising or have invited me to but with Day 14 of work on Saturday (and we open earlier on Saturdays for some jurassic reason) none of those is going to happen. Damn and Curse it! Hope all of you have a great time though and no doubt I'll ramble some more later :-)



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