Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson


Anyone else who watched the England - Portugal match on BBC amused at Shearer's comments in the post-match analysis...?

He suggseted that  when Rooney and Ronaldo are back on the training pitch at Man U he felt that Rooney should put the boot in! :p

Apart from that, it seems that it needs England to go down to 10 men to produce a decent game of football - although the game overall (even before Rooney's dismissal) was the best England have performed this tournament. I was glad to see Lennon on for longer - he will be one of our star players in a few years (in my mind he is already one of the best players we've got). It's a shame Theo didn't get a look-in but at 17 he'll have many more World Cups to shine.

Goodbye Erikson, hello McClaren. New England Manager. I hope he chucks out alot of the style of play (and several players) and builds an attacking team. I can never understand going into a defensive position when you're only one goal ahead (look at poor Argentina last night).

The France - Brazil match was fantastic. Obviously I was rooting for France (sorry my Brazillian friends - but I am half French afterall!) and thought they played brilliantly. I really hope they can win the Cup again this year. Certainly out of the four semi-finalists (France, Germany, Italy and Portugal) they are my preferred team.

Anyway, this is/was just a quick entry. Had a couple of friends over for the matches and boardgames (Ticket to Ride and Cleopatra and the Society of Architects) wich was great fun (thanks Seth and Mark!) and was in camden for lunch with Dom, Elaine, Eleanor and Seth (and also bumped into mooncadet at the same restuarant :p). Heard soem REALLY great news that I'll broadcast to the world when I get told I can talk about it. Needless to say I'm completely chuffed about it and over the moon for the people involved! Even if I didn't realise what they'd just said when they made the announcement and then wondered what people were talking about ;p

Friday night was great fun. Both pub before hand catching up with people I don't see very often these days (and meeting new people) and then going to Fright Night and doing more of the same there too. Saw NFD - who were still good but had to cope with technical problems and had a reduced set for some reason which was a shame.

Tomorrow I have a lunch meeting and then loads of work to do at home. At somepoint I *do* intend to try and write up a proper update before it's just too late to bother about recording it!

Night night sweet readers!!!  xx

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