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Iraq abuses, Porn and the LA Riots

Electrodes tide to genitals; photos of naked prisoners being taunted or hit; male prisoners being made to simulate sex with one another. Is this the action of some third-world dictatorship? Some crackpot military dictatorship? Perhaps Nazi Death camps from 60 years ago?  But no - it's the US Army in Iraq.... Photos have been given to CBS News in the US that were taken 'for the family album' by soldiers stationed at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. They show complete a startling abuse of power and neglect of the geneva Convention. The excuse of 'we weren't given any guidelines' by one of the now arrested US guards is by no means any bloody excuse. Do you think it's right to ridicule and torture another human being? Of course not, how could you even 'think' this could be right you f**king idiot! What's worse is that he was a prison guard back in the US itself. For a full lengthy story check out Abuse of Iraqi POWs by GIs Probed (CBS News; Thursday 29th April 2004) for a shorter story check out US General Suspended Over Abuse (BBC-Online; Thursday 29th April 2004).

Now tell me that the US are conducting themselves with honour (or 'honor') in Iraq and winning the hearts and minds of not only the liberated Iraqi's, not only the Arab world but of every over damn nation on this planet and its own citizens. It's a disgrace and these soldiers actions are war crimes - although of course the US refused to sign up to the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal which would usually hold the trials of such f**kwits. I can see why they thought it wasn't in their interest now. Please for the love of God and the rest of humanity - put in a new government before you don;t only have the Arab world severely pissed off with you!

LA Riots Remembered: May 1992. The Guardian's report of the violence Night Beirut Came To Downtown LA (Guardian Unlimited Special Report; Thursday 29th April 2004)

I first heard about this case a few weeks ago via someone else's LJ linking me through to the Adult Entertainment Industry's Health Clinic site that has a warning up about male actor Darren James and asking those who worked with him to get checked. It looks like the scare has become a lot larger in recent weeks. Here are a couple of older articles about the scare -  HIV Scare Hits US Porn Industry (Guardian Unlimited; Sunday 18th April 2004) US Porn Industry Hit by HIV Fear (Guardian Unlimited; Friday April 16th 2004),


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