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The 69 Eyes/Sisters of Mercy/Type O Negative???


Yep, now listening to the second CD to land on the doorstep this mroning.

The 69 Eyes "Devils" album from a couple of years ago. Now I remember hearing one of their tracks early last year as Sarah had one on a compilation CD she got from Holland.

Best comparison is that they sound remarkably like some Type O Negative and "Vision Thing" era Sisters of Mercy. Heavier goth rock with more of the emphasis on the rock part. Keyvan actually thought it was the Sisters - but then he's not listened to SoM for several years so I can excuse him for that. The 69 Eyes do sound very similiar though. In a good way as oppossed to many bands which try to imitate and end up sounding bloody awful...

(The best Sisters of Mercy clone imho was The Merry Thoughts - whom I didn't 100% convince myself weren't actually a new Eldritch outfit until I saw them live :p)

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