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Germany vs Italy

Wow. What an entertaining match. It was nice to see *for once* both teams play actual attacking football and for the Italians not to overact and cheat their way to victory.

Two goals in the dying seconds of Extra Time too! Glad it didn't go to penalties but I am (and I never thought I'd ever say this) sad that Germany didn't make it through to the Final (given the choice of them of Italy). It seems that all the teams I'm hoping to win are doing exactly the opposite at present (apartf rom in the France Brazil match). Am hoping for France to beat Portugal tomorrow although with my earlier logic maybe I should hope for a Portugal win if I'm to see France in the final on Sunday? :p


Jul. 8th, 2006 03:40 pm (UTC)
Italy vs. Germany your comments
You absolute idiot!

The Italians play 'playful' football and England, like a lot of other countries, should take lessons from them how to play! That's why they got so far! Don't be so ignorant - that is not 'cheating'. One of the footballer's faces from Germany was enough for me..bad tempered and arrogant..certainly glad Germany was defeated once and for all !

Yay - we are all cheering for Italy to win Sunday!
Jul. 8th, 2006 03:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Italy vs. Germany your comments
I hope Italy play as well on Sunday as they did against Germany in the semi's. I'm still rooting for France to win though - but that's for family reasons ;p

The Semi was a great match but sadly some of Italy's earlier matches were not so great (The match against the US and then the run-up to the last minute penalty against Australia being two instances).

I would love to see England play more 'playful' football - but I don't want to see them start diving like some of their continental cousins do. We've already see a few English players taking note and copying some of the less savoury tactics in their games and I, at least, cringe whenever I see any player trying to dive or get anotehr player sent off.

I'm all for the Ref's being able to see action replays of incidents and booking more people for 'dishonest' play or dissent.

Whatever though, roll on tomorrow night. Should be a good one :)

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