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James Wallis Charity Walk

I received an email from James Wallis this morning (some of you on my F-List will know, or have heard of, James) and he'll be embarking on a Charity walk later this month.

Full details below:


It appears I have a blog. It's with Wordpress and everything.
I'm jolly proud.

I do have an ulterior motive in telling you this. The blog exists
specifically to cover a forthcoming event: at the end of July I'm going
to walk the length of the Pilgrims' Way, 120 miles from Winchester
Cathedral to Canterbury Cathedral. It should take me about a week. And
I'm going to do it without a map or, for that matter, GPS, sat-nav,
Google or technology of any kind, barring a mobile phone which will be
set on "receive". I'll be walking blind, trusting to faith, signposts
and the advice of strangers, much as the medieval pilgrims would have done.

The purpose of this is to raise a metric shitload of money for charity.
Specifically for Cancerbackup, a cause which is much in my thoughts
right now.

I'm telling you this for three reasons. Firstly, if I'm going to raise a
metric shitload of money I need to start with friends and family. That
would be you. You can sponsor me by going to and pledging funds, with the option to
only pay up if I finish the walk and don't, for example, accidentally
fall over the White Cliffs of Dover. Or you can email me a pledge based
on something more idiosyncratic: a quid for every squirrel I see along
the way, perhaps, or a tenner every time a farmer tells me to get orf
his orchards.

Secondly, I'm hoping you can help me to spread the word and stuff. If
you're in a group or on a mailing list whose members, you think, either
may have heard of me or may have respect for acts of heroic stupidity
like this, then please point them at my blog.

And thirdly, if you feel like it, the offer is open for you to come and
join me for a day or half-day of walking. We'll be heading through some
of the most attractive areas of southern England, at a time of year when
it's at its absolute best, with railway stations close to the start and
end of each day's walk and many good pubs in between. Drop me a line if
that sounds like fun.

Any help you can give me in making this walk as successful as possible,
whether financial, spiritual or literal, means an awful lot.

James Wallis

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