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A 7/7 Comment

I'm going to try and keep my commentary on todays anniversary of the London Bombings to a minimum. Otherwise I'll just start ranting.

Basically four guys destroyed their lives and those of many otehrs for what has really ended up being nothing. The only difference they've made has been more paranoia between communities. Something I'm sure their taskmasters wanted but they probably didn't. They wanted to make a statement about Britains - and the West in general - attitiude and meddling in Middle eastern affairs. We're fighting an illegal war in Iraq and have made no real strides in sorting out the Palestine problems. I can understand the frustrations they felt either if I'd never condone their actions. They should have looked at otehr ways to make their voices heard. Many of the people who were killed last year would probably agree with them about the War in Iraq. London alone had almost 2 million people march against the War before America/Britain invaded Iraq. Britain - and London - are very sympathetic to the problems of the Palestinians and Iraqi's. Our government might not be but the civilians here certainly are.

Anyway, the whole paranoia issue is stupid imho. We've had bombs in London before and we'll no doubt have them again. I grew up with the IRA bombings and no one let it really interfer with life. The latest paranoia is largely media and government induced. The media needs stories and the government needs us to be fearful in order to allow them to introduce more draconian laws and limited our civil rights and freedoms without us kicking up a hell of a fuss.

The London bombings killed 52 people.

52 people.

Yes that is a loss.

But as a another friend on LJ pointed out today London  looses 216 people to raod accidents each year. How many people die from smoking each year? 52 seems a very small number compared to that. Yeet we have the 'War Against Terror' and the mass hysteria that goes along with it when I feel we should really have the "War Against Smoking" the "War Against Poverty" and a ton of other "Wars" which will save a lot more lives in the long run and also promote a much better standard of living and goodwill for the same price we're paying for a war that is divisive and largely unneccesary.

I had three friends involved in narrow misses in the London bombings last year (one on the Kings Cross train and two near the bus bombing). I am glad they survived relatively unscathed and am saddened for the loss of life and physical/mental harm that did occur. But I'm damned if I'm going to join the media circus that it's developed into.

We know what caused it but todays government isn't going to bother doing anything about it. It suits them too well to have this 'war and paranoia'..

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