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The Times Article...

It seems that The Times have printed a quote from my LJ about the 7/7 attacks. In typical media style they have shortened the starting sentence and only printed a small bit of the actual post.

Now whilst I don't really mind The Times - or any other outlet - reposting something I've said in public (and everyone has to understand that any open post to a blog is open for the world to see - that's why LJ and other blogs have "Friends Only" options and Filter Groups for making posts) I wouldn't have minded being given a heads up that they were going to use it. I'd also have preferred them to have used the full quoted paragraph or perhaps have asked me to elaborate a little more :p

But hey ho. That's life. I've already had a few closed comments from people who followed the link to this LiveJournal. Luckily several seem to have actually read the post in full and didn't jump down my throat. Thansk to them :)

Maybe I am a bit naive and should fully explain every political or social comment I post in more detail. The thing is that many people who are regular readers know my feelings on the British and American governments, the war in Iraq, the War Agiants Terrorism and other issues that I speak about on a semi-regular basis. Thus I do not recap my entire ideology and thought process in each post. To do so would probably make many people switch off after having read it for the 'nth' time! :p

I have reposted below a reply I made to one of the posters. Hopefully this will explain things a little more.

For those of you who want to see The Times article my comments are at the bottom under 'Citizen's Blog'  Police Track Down Suspect Who Lost His Nerve At The Last Minute (The Times Online; Saturday 8th July 2006)

(EDIT: Apparently the quote is also in the print edition of The Times too. I believe it is on Page 9 but as I'm a Guardian reader I've not seen a copy of The Times for sometime ;p)

**You should also be aware that your comments have appeared in The Times online. It may be acceptable in your circle to say the things you do, but you should be aware that you risk exposing yourself to ridicule in the 'real' world.**

Thanks for the heads up on The Times article. Another friend has this morning posted the link to it for me too.

It is interesting to see the quote they took. For starters they missed out the beginning of that first sentence which mentioned I'd seen the road figure deaths on another friends journal - and I believe he actually got them off Newsnight or another BBC program just shown that comapred the figures between the 7/7 bombings and other problems the Capital faces.

Hopefully anyone that follows the link will read my entire commentary on the subject and not just the quoted section! (Although I have many friends who are journalists - and do write myself - it always amazes me what people can do with quotes :p).

The jist of that quote though should be taken in the context of how many billions are we spending on the 'War Against Terror' when that money could go to many other good causes fighting poverty, disease, helping education and releaving the third world from its debt - all of which would help combat the root of terrorism in the first place.

Terrorism largely comes about through social problems and a sense of injustice. One of the biggest recruiting tools al-Qaeda could ever have hoped for was the mismanaged 'liberation' of Iraq. Now I'm not saying Saddam was a nice guy and should have remained in power but I do feel that the world should have gone about it very differently from the way certain nations took upon themselves to do it.

You need to tackle many issues in order to defeat terrorism - or at least remove the large pool of volunteers and donations that terrorism relies on. You will never be able to defeat Terrorism completely - there will always be extreme fundamentals who will fight for their beliefs. But at present the global situation is not helping the moderates and certain countries actions are certainly helping al-Qaeda's and other radical organisations causes more than hindering them.

Terrorism - and any crime - is a major issue. But I do feel the 7/7 attacks have been blown out of proportion. London has had decades of terrorist attacks (mainly homegrown because of the problems in Northen Ireland) and we've never experienced a media circus around them like we have with last years bombings. Having 24 hour news services desperate for stories to attract viewers (and 'scare' stories along with 'scandals' are two of the very biggest top raters for news outlets) combined with a government who relies on the terrorist card to try and push through measures to help 'protect' us whilst slowly eroding our civil liberties both make a mix of hysteria and something that many people would not be overly worried about had it not been for the constant attention it is given

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