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The I-Pod Shuffle Meme for Luddites...

I looked on with envy - and a mild dose of fear - a few weeks ago when people posted their I-Pod Shuffle Meme.

I wanted to shuffle my I-Pod and come up with loads of songs that made me cool, sad, or just plain weird. But alas I do not own an I-Pod and probably won't do so until it is out of date and replaced with a new bit of technology which will scare me further.

It is with this in mind - and the fact that I never like being left our of something that will make me sound cool, sad, or just plain weird, that I give you a new quizzy thing.

Look round your room and list the CD's on top of each pile of CDs cluttering the damn place up!

(Please note I'm going to cheat on my own meme and just list the ones to the right of me because I seem to have too much clutter on my left at present to get to the CDs over there...Oh, I'm also just doing the ones in piles, not on my racks - yes I should tidy my room and buy more storage space! :p)


The Warlocks  Surgery
Decoded Feedback - Biomechanic
Ladytron - Light & Magic
Coheed and Cambria - Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV Vol I
Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
UNKLE - Never, Never, Land
Conjure One - Conjure One
Enigma - MCMXC a.D.
Courtney Love - American Sweetheart
NFD - Dead Pool Rising
Hocico - Wrack And Ruin
Japan - Tin Drum
Sons And Daughters - The Repulsion Box
Something Happens - The Best of
Curve - Come Clean
Cabaret Voltaire - Radiation/The BBC Recordings 84-86
Siigur Ros - Takk

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