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Interview Questions courtesy of aikendrum

Interview Questions courtesy of aikendrum 

 1: You seem a well connected person in the world. Have you met anyone ultra famous, if so who? If not, have you met anyone of cult fame/notoreity?

First off – living in London you are not going to help NOT meeting/seeing someone famous on a semi-regular basis.

It also depends on who you consider famous or ultra-famous I guess. As a teenager I used to chat to Robert Plant all the time as he brought 2000AD from the newsagent I worked in. He used to say hello of my mum all the time too (she was a bit hippyish although she’d probably deny it :p).

He’s probably the most globally famous person I can think of off the top of my head.  I’ve met quite a few musicians and actors/actresses but I generally don’t get starstruck or fan-boyish so half-the-time seem to ignore them. Several of them (plus a comedian or two) live locally and shop in the local Tesco’s!

Two ‘famous’ people have also tried to pull me in the past too. But they were both blokes and decidedly on the C-list or lower in Brit-Celeb status. I’ve not had a gorgeous young lady try to pull me yet which is a shame as I did meet Anna Friel once but then again she was going out with Darren Day at the time (spit). 

My family used to get Christmas Cards off Prince Philip and both my parents have also attended Buckingham Palace and met the Queen and assorted royals. But that’s another story and doesn’t involve me :p

2: Where were you born and what's the most profound life experience growing up that has affected you as a person or your personality?

I started life in Lowestoft in Suffolk but my parents moved to Barnet (London) just before I turned two so I’ve pretty much grown up as a Londoner.

As for my most profound life experience? I really don’t know. Probably moving to the States when I was 12 to live with my aunt and cousins and attend school over there. Whilst in the States I discovered my two main loves that have stayed with me ever since. Music and RPGs.

3: Have you ever done any extreme sports? Which one if any was the best?

No. I’m not really into extreme sports. I’ve never even ski’d!

I’d love to try my hand at motor racing, rallying or speedboat racing at somepoint though (although I should maybe get a valid drivers license before attempting them…)

 4: Recommend a band that a) you love and b) one of their songs  denotes/relates a major event in your life (you dont have to describe event)

 Radiohead – Creep (It’s a signature song for a certain period in time and even now if one of my best friends hears me playing it she’ll ask if I’m ok :p).

Right now I'd have to say Conjure One is a band that I love and several of their songs have strong meanings for me. If I had to pick a song from them it'd probably have to be Centre Of The Sun.

 5: Fav Game?

 Now that’s hard.

RPG = Call of Cthulhu or Amber (or Deadlands or…)
Boardgame = Civilization I reckon.
Computer Game = Championship Manager/Football Manager


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