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Israel acts on Lebanons "Acts of War"

I wrote a long rant about the below. Then read it. Then deleted it. I'm really angry and should not write about things when angry.

I just wish the UN and the World would get it's bloody act together and try and sort out the regions problems.

Israel Steps Up Lebanon Offensive (BBC News Online; Thursday 13th July 2006)

America is also trying to stretch the conflict out further it seems...

"In Washington, the White House has called for the immediate release of the captured Israeli soldiers, saying it held Iran and Syria responsible for the attack." Hezbollah Warns Israel Over Raids (BBC News Online; Wednesday 12th July 2006)

In these conflicts (Gaza and Lebanon) civilians die, children die, and this just makes the bitterness between the sides even worse. Especially when Israel go in heavy handed (as one commentator put it Israel seem to take out 10 for every 1 of their own who is killed).

I'm stopping now before I head down 'Ranty' Road again.

Update: Israel Imposes Lebanon Blockade (BBC News Online; Thursday 13th July 2006)

I wonder if the UN should send Peacekeepers to the area?

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