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The One with Ministerial Spliffs, Liquid Armor, Fake Photos and dodgy antics

The photos that came to light today about UK Servicemen in Iraq torturing prisoners may be fake. Speculation has started as some of the uniforms and equipment seen in the photos are not those in use in Iraq. The claims of both abuse and the possibility of the photos being fake are been looked at with urgency. I hope they are fake and I hope that the damage caused by both these and the earlier American photos (which unfortunately were real) can be reversed somehow. Doubt Cast on Iraq Torture Photos (BBC On-Line; Saturday 1st May 2004) and UK Troops in Iraq Torture Probe (BBC On-Line; Saturday 1st May 2004) for the original story.

Tony Blair seems to accept cannabis smoking. Not only have members of his Cabinet admitted to smoking a bit of the old weed, the laws been relaxed under his leadership but he's also attended at least one party during his leadership were people puffed away in his presence. How Blair Stayed Cool At Spliff Time in Rock Star's Smoke-Filled Room (Guardian Unlimited; Saturday 1st May 2004)

Sounds rather nifty :-p Liquid Body Armor In The Works (CBS News; Saturday 1st May 2004)

I hope they clear up these bugs before Election Day in the US. We don't want the winning candidate to loose becuase of miscounted votes now do we folks...... E-Voting's Flaws Out In Open (CBS News; Saturday 1st May 2004) California Puts The Breaks On Unreliable Computer Voting (The Independent; Saturday 1st May 2004)

Some other stories...

Cheney Accused of Smear Campaign by Ambassador (The Independent; Saturday 1st May 2004)

Shooting of Seven 'Terrorists' Staged For US, says Macedonia (The Independent; Saturday 1st May 2004)

Mutiny Is The Only Way Out Of Iraq's Inferno (Guardian Unlimited; Saturday 1st May 2004)

Oh, and welcome aboard to the ten new countries who joined the European Union today. I hope to visit you all one day :-)


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