Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

GameForce: London - T-3 Hours

Gameforce London kicks off in three hours time.

It should be a good day and I hope everyone gets to play plenty of games, meet loads of new people and have a great time!

Today is a bit of a trial event as it's the first time we've done this so I'm expecting at least a few bumps somewhere. Mind you - gamers + pub + plenty of games! - There's not too much that can go wrong I guess :p

It also sounds like they'll be plenty of people coming down with games  - and I'm taking a boxload down with me too - and along with the WzKids demo's of MechWarrior, Battlestar Galactica CCG and HorrorClix, so there'll be a good selection on offer.

I'm almost certainly going to split the day into two time slots next month so people can choose to come and play just one (or both) and it will give everyone a natural break partway through the day. That way the RPGers (I specifically mention them as ROGs tend to not have time limit and be open-ended)  can come and play and know that if they have to leave early it won't disrupt the rest of the group, etc. It's also easier to plan the day a bit this way :p In any case it's one of the things I'll be talking to people this afternoon about.

Oh - Goodge Street Statiion (and the entire Charing Cross branch of the Northern Line) is now working again - but there are lots of engineering work on other lines (and areas of the Northern Line - High Barnet branch) so it might be worth checking your route before heading down so you can allow some additonal travelling time.

Also todays meeting is FREE as it's our first event.

So there's no excuse not to come and play!!!!

Hope to see you in a few hours! :D

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