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Israel and Gaza/Lebanese Militants Maybe Guilty of War Crimes

The UN Commissioner for Human Rights has indicated that both Israel and the gaza/Lebanese militants they are fighting could be held responsible for the high level of civilian deaths and face war crimes charges.

Personally I think it would be great to bring the people behind the bombings that have killed over 300 Lebanese civilians and 30 Israeli's to court - although I can't see for one moment Israel allowing any of it's commanders to face trial.

I think the UN should also looks at other areas which have seen an over abundance of civilian deaths (Iraq anyone?) and start proceedings against those involved there.

UN Warning on Mid-East War Crimes (BBC News Online; Thursday 20th July 2006)

On a more 'Angus' level I have loads of things to report (including an overdue write-up of the first Gameforce : London meeting last Sunday) but have been incredibly busy recently (not helped by both Keyvan being away on holiday, the shop being slightly understaffed, me not having worked my usual "catch-up" Sundays so getting behind on things and also the temperature at night interferring with my evening work schedule) and haven't had much internet time to get any thing down on LJ. I will try to over the weekend but have house guests in the form of Gabby and Lydia from Friday to Sunday afternoon so may not get much time then either. Saying that there's always Sunday night!

Hope everyone's well and I haven't missed anything too important on here!

Oh yes, also discovered White Rose Movement who seem pretty fab :)

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