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Conjure One are coming over to London to play their first UK show!!!!

This was greeted by a audible 'yay' from my Quarters as I've been wanting to see Conjure One for AGES! I was even contemplating going and seeing them in Europe or the States.

Unfortunately they will be playing Slimelight on November 11th. Now despite my innate dislike for the Slimelight I actually don't think it is the right venue for them to play. It's not entirely the right crowd.

I know Conjure One are a Front Line Assembly/Delerium side-project but there music appeals to a lot wider audience whom just aren't going to go to Slimelight to see them. Plus I think they might be a bit too middle-of-the-road, chilled out and soft for the Slimelight crowd. Conjure One are certainly not the type of band I'd expect to hear at Slimelight - or most clubs of similiar ilk.

Anyway, I'll definitely be going but I hope they either add some more UK dates or aren't put off from ever touring here again after playing Slimelight!

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