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1. First kiss: First proper kiss (with tongues  :p) was with a girl called Michelle. She was two years older than me and I was perhaps a bit 'eager' :p
2. First true Love: Split into three - Primary school was a girl called Angie Hart. Secondary school was probably a girl called Donna and post school in a proper relationship it was probably Angela. At least Angela was the break-up that hurt the most compared to my earlier girlfriends so I'm guessing I didn't love them as much?
3. First heartbreak: Angela
4. First car: Ford Fiesta I think. I ownded it for a year but never drove it. Actually I never even sat in it.
5. First pet: My parents had a cat called Puffy when i was a kid. The first pet I actually owned myself as a kid was a couple of fish. In adulthood I've never owned a pet myself but I have lived with tarantulas, cats and monkeys courtesy of Dawn, Jess, Daver and most recently Louisa.
6. First computer: PC, back in '95.
7. First concert: Whitesnake, 1987 tour.
8. First alcoholic beverage: I can't remember. Probably somekind of beer? No, actually it was probably wine as a kid.
9. First time you stayed out all night: Going to the Hippodrome in London for it's short-lived Rock night when i was 15 or 16. I went with my best mate at the time (Adam) and although the club closed at 3 (on a schoolnight too as it was on a Wednesday night) we didn't get home until 7am because we got on the wrong bus home and ended up walking miles from the middle of nowhere. Although we did pick up a few things en route :p
10. First best friend: Probably a kid called Ian who lived down the road from me. Or Amanda who was my next door neighbour until I was 6. She's the one in my LJ photo section whose the patient in the picture of me in the nurses outfit.
11. First job: Clothes stall in Camden Market when I was 14. Taught me a lot working down there...
12. First school: Cromer Road in Barnet.
13. First movie you watched in a theater: I have no idea. Something in the 70's.
14. First thing you really saved up money for: A book.

1. Next person you'll kiss: Who knows?
2. Next movie you want to see: Playing with going to see "The Break Up" by myself next week.
3. Next person you want to go out with: Romantically? That'd be telling - even if there was someone on the horizon!
5. Next time you're going out: Tomorrow morning to work. Socially, not sure yet - I've not sorted out next week yet.
6. Next place you'll take vacation: I'm off to the States in 11 days but that's work. So probably Paris in late September (but that's also partially on business). Oh I don't know. I have to sort something out before the end of the year though otherwise I'll break my "minimum of one new country a year" plan.
7. Next thing you are going to do after filling this survey out: Check email.
8. Next thing you are going to eat: I've just finished eating an Indian so the next thing will be breakfast tomorrow which will laregly consist of mixed berries.
9. Next time you plan to be drunk: I don't generally plan on being drunk.
10. Next time you're going to get laid? If I knew that...
11. Next person you'd like to see fill this out: Maybe you, maybe not...

1. Last kiss: In would be impolite to tell.
2. Last person you hugged: Isi or Monty after the pub on Wednesday.
3. Last person you spoke to: Jade when she came home from work.
4. Last alcoholic beverage: JD courtesy of Monty on Wednesday (I had been on coke and coffeee until the poor mans sanity broke and he brought me a drink)
6. Last movie: Superman Returns
7. Last person you thought of: Delphine due to a conversation earlier today about upcoming birthdays.
8. Last school you went to: Ravenscroft in Barnet.
9. Last person you said I love you to: My mum.
10. Last run in with the law: I've never had a run in with the law. I'm a good boy me.
11. Last fight you were in: I'm luckily enough never to have been in a proper fight. The last kinda fight I was in was a few years ago when I foolishly jumped in between two groups of blokes (one lot white the other asian) who were facing off with each other in the street opposite the shop. Luckily an off-duty policemen also jumped in a few seconds later and flashed his badge and told both groups to walk away. Even more luckily, they did.
12. Last bar/club/concert/party you went to: The Old White Lion in East Finchley on Thursday.
13. Last person you IMed: I don't IM.
14. Last thing you ate: Indian Food.
15. Last thing you saved up money for: Can't recall. Haven't really saved up for anything for a while.

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